Cranial Adjustment

Dr, Cook, DC Specializes in Cranial Adjustments.

(C.A.T.S Certified)

Dr. Cook also, regularly, treats back pain, sciatica, neck pain, shoulder pain,, headaches, sports injuries, and more as well as weight loss coaching.

The C.A.T.S. technique can correct a multitude of problems related to various head injuries resulting from a difficult birth, or through falls and blows to the head from sports or other activities.


 Dr. Cook trained in Canada with Dr. Roger Turner who is the founder of this unique treatment. Dr. Turner developed the unique and effective "Cranial Adjusting Turner Style" (C.A.T.S) principles for correcting the misalignments in the skull.

Receive cranial adjustments in Garland, TX, from Dr. Philip Cook of Cook Chiropractic Health & Wellness Center.

What Are the Benefits of Cranial Adjustments?

We are quick to treat any damage to the skull, and rightfully so. However, we should also account for the positioning of the skull and the bones that support it.

A head injury your child sustains during delivery may alter the positioning of their skull and cause health problems. Children who like to play sports are also susceptible to head injuries that have lingering effects.

Of course, adults are not safe from head injuries. An adult may also develop misalignments near their skull following a traumatic event.

No matter your age, you can benefit from receiving cranial adjustments if you are currently dealing with a head injury. Cranial adjustments are designed to reposition your skull and remove any misalignments.

You may be surprised by what that simple change can do for your body. Your lingering health issues may quickly disappear once your skull is in the proper position. Specific health issues we’re referring to here include headaches, vision issues, hearing difficulties, and joint pain. The pain affecting your neck, shoulders, and cervical spine should go away after treatment.

Certain cognitive impairments may also disappear after you get cranial adjustments. Those adjustments may eliminate your memory and concentration issues.

Experience the benefits only cranial adjustments in Garland, TX, can provide by scheduling treatment with Dr. Cook of Cook Chiropractic Health & Wellness Center.

What Can You Expect While Receiving Cranial Adjustments?

If you’ve received treatment from a chiropractor before, the experience of getting cranial adjustments should be something you’re familiar with.

As with any chiropractic care session, treatment doesn’t start when you enter the chiropractor’s office. Instead, the chiropractor will first ask questions and perform tests to confirm that the problems you’re dealing with are related to your skull.

After confirming the issues responsible for your current condition, the chiropractor will start administering the cranial adjustments. These cranial adjustments are similar to the techniques chiropractors commonly use on the spine. However, the chiropractor will reduce the force they use to ensure that the cranial adjustments will not cause any injuries.

You should also avoid taking on physically demanding tasks after receiving cranial adjustments. Although the aforementioned adjustments produce no ill effects, patients will likely feel tired following treatment. Take it easy at home after your treatment session and wait until the next day to resume your normal activities.

Get cranial adjustments in Garland, TX, by dialing 972-864-0999 and setting an appointment with Dr. Cook of Cook Chiropractic Health & Wellness Center.

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